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    I don’t understand why my blog section show the full post…and not only the excerpt like on your demo ???


    what can I do ?

    second question, how to have a FULL Blog Page (without the side bar ) ?

    thank’s !


    ok, I understand why…we need the “more” <!–more–> in the post to make a correct exceprt…


    I’d make a copy of includes/loop-index.php and rename it (i.e. loop-blog.php).

    Then replace

    get_template_part('includes/format', 'standard');


    get_template_part('includes/format', 'standardblog');

    Afterwards make a copy of format-standard.php and rename it to format-standardblog.php and replace:

    <div class="six units entry-content">


    <div class="nine units entry-content">



    Also having the same problem but couldn’t find the loop-index.php within the includes folder.




    the file is located in propulsion_1includesloop-index.php. This can be accessed through your FTP, I don’t think it shows through the WordPress Dashboard.


    Is there a way to have the Excerpts displayed on Catalog pages? I’m trying to only show the excerpts on a page like this:


    Hey guys, is there a way to have the Excerpts displayed on Catalog pages? I’m looking for a solution to this, and I’m guessing that it must be possible since you can do it on the Blog page. Would appreciate some help.


    Can anyone please help me out with this? I’m simply looking for a way to get excerpts to display on catalog pages. I tried the above steps but can’t seem to get it working.



    sorry for the delayed response. Could you create me a temporary admin account and send me the login info through support(@) Please also refer to this topic in the mail – I get many mails with just usernames and passwords and I never find the support topics again.

    I’d like this info to check what page settings & templates you’re using.


    Thanks for offering to help Chris, I just forwarded you my login details.


    Hey Guy

    I’ve the same problem :


    my blog section show the full post…and not only the excerpt like on your demo ???


    what can I do ?

    thank’s !”

    Would appreciate some help.





    SPEAKnSPAN – did you try to use the read more tag?

    Best regards,




    Hi Peter,






    david : guess you have worked it out? seems to work fine :)

    Best regards,



    Hi !

    Oops! I’m not sure we’re talking about the same thing. You speak of the page:

    On this page the excerpt does not work.

    I also noticed some small bug by using a translation file of PO / MO on the pages of the blog detail pages (ex – (next entry) and (previous entry) are not translated from the template single.php

    Could you help me clarify these two points?


    PS: I will be pleased give you the translation in French of the theme PROPULSION.


    Ok would you point to the url were the read more tag doesnt work?

    The translation issues will be solved with the next update ;)




    Ah, ok: and you have used the read more link to cut the posts into two, like in the screenshot:

    If thats the case the only possible reason I could think of is an external plugin interfering. Any active?


    I just do tests. I turned off one by one the extensions. But nothing has changed. :-(


    @kriesi : would you like a FTP and Admin access ?



    guess that is the smartest possible solution. please send them via contact form here:

    Best regards,



    Hi Chris,

    I send it !

    Thanks for your help




    The more functionality does indeed work, the thing is that one of your plugins removed the button. Dont know whcih button you tried to click instead when you said you added the more tag.

    What you need to do is switch to the html view and add this line of code:


    this would normally be generated by the button, but since that button is gone you have to enter it manually.

    You can see an example here: at the first post. open the post in the editor then switch to the “html” view and you will see it.



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