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    Hello, I am new here and I am using Flashlight theme, I am very happy with it but I have some questions: 1- when I go trough BLOG option I can see the entries but I can not see any image (to see the images of each entry I have to click on them), the question is: is there any possibility to change the configuration of the blog page to show the images???, and also I would like to know if the thunderbolt logo between entries can be changed.

    Thanks for your help…and sorry for my english, I am writing from Spain.



    you can add images in your post through “insert into post”, you can do this by “Upload/Insert” right below where you enter your post title (there are 4 icons, a two squares, a music note and a sun). Click the first one to upload an image and select “insert into post”, this will put the image in your post but not in your featured images.

    The thunderbolt separator is located in your theme folder: images/skin-minimal/hr.png, simply replace it with your preferred separator.

    The image size is 300×20, it’s suggested you use the same image-size for the image you’re replacing it with.


    Thank You!!!. I will try and I will let you know.


    Hi Chris, I’ve tried to follow your guidelines but I didn’t succeeded, I mean, I can insert images in a post (this is not a problem), but you have to click in the entry tittle to enter in the entry and see the image, please check: (you can not see the image without clicking in the entry tittle).

    Second thing: how to do with the thunderbolt separator?, should I unzip the file to change the file and then zip it again?, after that should I update the file onto WordPress?.

    Thank very much in advance!!!



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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