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    I am knee deep in switching out the theme on my year old site. I just realized the difference in the way the bog categories are displayed vs. the way the portfolios can be displayed and sorted.

    How can I get all my existing blog posts to display and be sortable as the 4 column sortable portfolio?

    I have a decent amount of skill when it comes to hacking themes. At 2:30 am there is just too much code to not just ask… (after searching)

    Thank you,



    Have a look at this plugin – – it allows you to convert posts (like blog posts) to any custom post type (like portfolio posts).


    I will give this a shot, thank you.

    If I were to add other taxinomies in addition to Portfolio, example “Real Estate”. would I just need to go through the portfolio template replacing each instance of portfolio with the real estate slug or title?

    In the end I really would like to create 3 sortable sections of the website.

    I hope I am clear, working on a few hours sleep and good coffee.




    I’m not sure what you want to achieve exactly – portfolio entries are custom post types, the portfolio categories are taxonomies.

    You want to create more portfolio categories (taxonomies) and maybe change there name afterwards? If yes there’s no need to replace the slug for every item – just change the category name one time and all posts which where member of the “old” category will be member of the new one.


    Here is the rub, if I change all mt blog posts to custom post types break existing links and create a disaster with Google from a SEO perspective. Also, my SEO plugin (Greg’s High Performance) is not recognized in the Custom Post Type either. Nor is My Smug Mug integration.

    I bought the theme because the ability to sort posts was very slick. At least that is what it looked like with the access to what is really going on before you purchase the theme. Now I am knee deep, and finding the significant limitations of the way this theme is designed.

    The custom post type entries are very limited

    My options seem to be

    1) figure a way to make custom post types work with SEO and other plugins

    2) Get existing categories to display and sort as expected (Custom Post Types)


    You can use All in one SEO or Headspace – they both work with custom post types.


    Jumping in here because I had the same question as Jay. Since it doesn’t seem possible to do the fancy JQuery Portfolio page with regular posts (and I’ve been trying … ), maybe it’s a thought to ask Kriesi to work on such an option for a future theme? I just LOVE the sorting portfolio, but I don’t want custom post types, I want to use my hundreds of existing blog posts (most of which are portfolio-type entries: images, etc.) and use the sorting and filtering. Thanks!


    You can use the archive/category widget to offer a sort function.

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