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    i can work out why the black background bar continues half way down the page on this page (development) (demo page)

    Its fine on all other pages

    Any advice ?


    mate, could yopu assist with this. i need to get it sorted :(

    Please help


    Hi cybernet70,

    You have maintenance mode turned on so we can’t see the actual page you’re referring to.

    Using the demo as a reference, I would say it’s because the DIV .wrapper spans half of the page for the Homepage. What I would suggest is applying a background image to .wrapper that contains the black background at the height you want. So in the end your CSS would look something like this:

    .wrapper {
    background: url("your-custom-image") repeat-x scroll left top #FFFFFF;

    Hope this helps!




    Hi Mya

    i have opened the site again now so you can see. I am currently working on the module/ plugin so some css is messed up at the moment however you will see the black bar

    To clarify, this issue is associated with the body id tag which on this profile page is calling the id=”frontpage” and not id=’subpage’

    Do you know why ?




    I tried to access the website but I just get a “Maintenance Mode” screen?



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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