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    Guten Tag,

    wünsche allen eingangs ein gutes Neues Jahr.

    Habe zwei Anliegen:

    1. Der Slider stellt ein von mir hochgeladenes Bild leider nur in der Breite,

    aber nicht der Höhe richtig dar.


    Die ersten zwei Bilder passen, das dritte leider nicht.

    2. Habe letzte Woche auf 3.5 geupdated. Dann hat der

    Slider leider überhaupt nicht mehr funktioniert.

    Besten Dank im voraus,




    1) Ich denke du solltest die Vorschaubildgröße anpassen. Komfortabel kann man dies mit folgenden Plugin: einstellen. Installiere das Plugin und gehe zu Einstellungen > Medien im Adminbereich. Dort lassen sich dann die Bildgrößen ändern und zB auch das “Crop” Feature deaktivieren. Wenn man dieses Feature deaktiviert, werden die Bilder nicht mehr beschnitten falls zb das Bild den eingestellten Pixel Wert überschreitet. Anschließend erstelle die Thumbnails neu:

    2) Vermutlich ist die js Datei von Broadscope 1.0.2 mit der neuen jQuery Version 1.8 nicht kompatibel. Ich habe hier: die neueste Version von avia,js hochgeladen. Erstelle ein Backup von wp-content/themes/broadscope/js/avia.js und ersetze die alte avia.js Datei durch die aktuelle (neue) Version.


    Ciao Dude,

    herzlichen Dank für die prompte Unterstützung.

    Habe bis dato leider nur den gegenteiligen Effekt erzielt.


    Habe unter Plugins / Media Settings die featured size

    (nehme an, dass sind die Bilder, die im Slider dar-

    gestellt werden) auf 1,024 mal 682 gesetzt und “crop”

    ausgeschaltet. Danach “regenerate thumbnails”, aber

    die Größe bleibt verzerrt.

    Wo meinst Du liegt mein Fehler ?

    Nochmals besten Dank, schönes WE,



    Hi China,

    I just checked your site and I think your Homepage’s slider images look good already. Try to clear the browser cache. :)




    Ciao Ismael,

    thx for your reply.

    I’m afraid, I have to disagree.

    The slider shows the pics not in the desired dimension.

    I’d like to present them 1,024 x 682 pixels.

    Pls click on the “English” button, then you see the pics

    in the right format.

    Thx again for your help. We should organize a skiing event

    for the Kriesi community in the Austrian alps.

    Best rgds,



    Hi China,

    You’ll need to change the “Slideshow Options” for the option “Display Image fullsize in featured area or smaller in post content area?”. Use the dropdown to select “Display big in featured area”.

    That will put your slideshow in the large featured area.




    Ciao Devin,

    thx for your help.

    Sorry I have to disagree. I have marked: “display big within featured area” in the theme options.

    The German Site is cropped. The English Site is working fine. ???

    Best rgds,



    Try changing the default display to the larger display in the german theme settings. So switch to German and then go to your Theme Options>Slideshow. The first option should be set to “Display big within featured area”. Save all changes and see if that does the trick.




    Ciao Devin,

    thx for your reply. Nope.

    Both options/slideshow are exaclty the same and are set to “display big with in featured area”.

    So there must be another issue causing the difference.

    How good is your German ?

    Shall I wrap up the whole issue in more detail and in English ?

    Best rgds,



    My German is non existant. Peter is fluent I believe so if German is easier for you I can tag the topic for him :)


    Ciao Devin,

    might be an option.

    Otherwise I’ll wrap it up in English and do some of the homework.

    I just want to get it resolved in the next days.

    Best rgds,



    I’m not sure if there is something else that would need to be done for the German version to work just like the English version.

    Can you try removing the images from the page and then re-adding them. You could also (before doing that) try regenerating the thumbnails and see it sorts itself out with:




    Ciao Devin,

    I think we are getting better, but are not there yet. (German / English)

    I have played around with various settings and regenerated

    the thumbnails.

    Crucial has been to set the media size of the featured image to

    978 times 650.

    Looking better, but the blue headline as shown on the other pages

    has disappeared.

    What would you advise ?

    Best rgds and thx for your help,



    Is it just the home page now that isn’t showing the blue background? In that pages settings, does it show the option set to that color correctly or do each of the images have their own settings?


    ciao devin,

    the homepage consists of 6 pages.

    german english each.

    only the starting page (welcome) uses a slider

    and misses the blue header as seen in the other

    five pages.

    best rgds from the sauna,




    1) All your images are 978×650. What size are you uploading the original image at? 1024×682 ? If that is the case then you currently have 978 as a constraint because 978×650 is proportional to 1024×682. and WordPress scales it down until 978 is hit. You need to open up functions.php file and find line 26 which looks like

    $avia_config['imgSize']['featured'] 	= array('width'=>978, 'height'=>99999);

    You need to change that line to look like

    $avia_config['imgSize']['featured'] 	= array('width'=>1024, 'height'=>99999, 'crop'=>false);

    Do not regenerate the images. Delete them. And upload the three images over again. For some reason regeneration doesn’t work properly on a number of systems now, or at least it selectively works, so it is better to re-upload the three images.

    If all 3 images have the same height and width before you upload them, that is proportional to 1024 x 682.

    If you get an error. try this instead

    $avia_config['imgSize']['featured'] 	= array('width'=>1024, 'height'=>99999);

    However I doubt you will get 682 height ever based on the way the image is scaled. Most likely My guess would be 681 (75% chance) or 680 (25% chance).




    ciao nick,

    thx for your reply.

    this looks like flesh to the bone for me.

    the original size of the pictures is: 4,272 x 2,848 pixels.

    would you suggest i scale them down ?

    best rgds and have a nice sunday,



    ciao nick,

    and here are the lines 21 through 26 from the functions file:

    $avia_config = array(‘width’=>48, ‘height’=>48 ); // small preview pics eg sidebar news

    $avia_config = array(‘width’=>230, ‘height’=>80); // medium preview pic for archives

    $avia_config = array(‘width’=>243, ‘height’=>125); // medium preview pic for portfolio

    $avia_config = array(‘width’=>574, ‘height’=>200); // image for blog posts

    $avia_config = array(‘width’=>726, ‘height’=>250); // image for pages

    $avia_config = array(‘width’=>978, ‘height’=>99999); // big images for fullsize pages and mainpage slider. no height limitation

    best rgds and thy for your help,



    ciao nick,

    if I do the math right:

    original: 4,272 x 2,848

    now: 978 x 650

    ie: 22,893 % vs 22,823 %

    new width: 652

    I’ll try later.





    Original Image: 4272 width 2848 height


    Desired Image = 1024 width

    Image Height Proportional =

    4272 / 2848 = 1024 / x

    x = ( 1024 * 2848 ) / 4272

    x (height) = 682.7

    You should not scale anything down. You should change

    $avia_config['imgSize']['featured'] = array('width'=>978, 'height'=>99999);	 // big images for fullsize pages and mainpage slider. no height limitation

    to read

    $avia_config['imgSize']['featured'] = array('width'=>1024, 'height'=>99999);	 // big images for fullsize pages and mainpage slider. no height limitation

    If you want your images to come out 1024 width 683 height if you are uploading them in size 4,272 x 2,848




    hi nick,

    many thx. if i know the right size it’s way easier for me to generate the pics in the desired

    format myself.

    i’m on a biz trip to Germany and won’t be back until friday.

    i will report then.

    thx again and i’ll be back ! (copied from you know whom ;-))



    Hey China,

    Let us know how it goes :)




    ciao devin,

    i will do so. too bad dude closed a similar thread with a gent from the south / east of europe.

    the discussion has been hillarious !

    thx for your help,



    Sometimes discussions have to be closed so that we can continue to offer support to everyone else :)

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