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    Hi, in the file functions.php all of the images sizes are declared. Is it possible to use different sizes (heigt) at subpages of the featured pictures (‘width’=>930, ‘height’=>370);)?




    yes – this is possible. In page.php search for following code:

    $image_size = "page";

    and replace “page” with your custom size. If you’d like to eg. use the standard size for the homepage use following code:

    if (is_home){
    $image_size = "page";
    $image_size = "customsize";


    Well, thanks for the tip. If I understand it right, the change of the picture size for the subpages are effected to all subpages yes? There is no way to set differrent sizes on every subpage?

    Second: I like to change the width of the left sidebar (to 200px) to make the content area larger. Which is the best way to cahnge this in the css files?


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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