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    I am trying to make it so that the big slideshow area on front page has a background image, and all other pages have a different / no background image.

    Currently I have figured out how to disable the background image on most non-frontpage pages, but the background image still appears on blog posts with an image. Is it possible to disable the background image on blog post pages (with image)?

    Any help on achieving the above would be most appreciated. :)


    Hi JamesGdesign,

    In that case, it would be easier to have no background image as the standard and then add one in only for the homepage with a bit of css. If you can make the background image to what you’d like and then post a link to your site, we’ll give you the css for you to then add so that you can remove the background image from the whole site.

    It will be something like:

    #top.home .slideshow_color {
    background: #fff url(https://.....);

    You could use the above by adding it to your quick css or custom.css files, but if you aren’t comfortable with css we can give you exactly what you need based on your current options :)




    ^^^ Ah ha! The “.home” sounds like exactly what I am after!!!! Thankyou so much – I certainly can handle the css – just didnt know the id! Will test this out but am sure this will work! Cheers! :)

    EDIT – Yep, Works a treat! Now I can have a background image for frontpage independant of the other pages – very satisfied :)


    Fantastic! Yes, all of Kriesi’s themes have these classes added to the #top ID so that you can target pages individually or even groups/types of pages. Makes css changes extremely simple!



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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