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    Hello, I am encountering a problem when trying to create a dynamic template with several big sliders on one page, which works well in “One Page Portfolio”, but not in the basic theme mode. I´d like to have a picture in a big slider and when you click it, the video content of vimeo is shown in a light box. In the dynamic template I connected three pages each with one video as described and these videos were shown one below the other on the one page portfolio. When I try to create the same in the basic theme mode, only the titles of the connected pages are shown – no sliders or featured images. It only works with all three videos as a slide show. But I´d like to have them in a row.

    Could you give me a hint? Thank you!


    Hi singitloud,

    I’m not sure if the theme should be able to support that though I imagine so. I’ll have to tag Kriesi on the post to see if it is bug related or indented behavior.

    In the meantime try updating your theme files to the most recent theme version as it includes the newest framework and some various bug fixes which may help in this.




    Yes, thank you for forwarding my request. I did do the update a while ago.




    Here you may see the page which works with the dynamic template (, where I connected these pages: and

    Thank you for having a look at it.



    Hi Gunnar,

    When you updated, did you just update the files listed in the version.rtf? Otherwise there is another newer update available.

    As for the issue, have you tried using the “Single Media ITem: Image or Video” in the template builder to put those videos one after another on your page? If you are using Post/Page content it definitely will not work as that ONLY displays the content inside the visual editor of a page/post. You could also use the Slideshow element and then choose the specific page to display the slideshow from.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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