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    I would like to be able to create a big slider in the templates builder, with captions, just like in the incarnation theme!

    Can you offer me this additional feature? May be it’s simple and you just let me know what to change in code, or I can pay for this additional slider.

    Regards, Kirill


    And boxed content, also like “incarnation”



    The new Replete theme: comes with a fullwidth slider and offers the same features like Propulsion.

    Best regards,



    I already changed some things in the theme for my needs, so I don’t want to change it all. Just want to be able to use big slider :)

    Any solutions?


    Personally I can’t provide a solution because the Propulsion theme layout does not support fullwidth images atm and you’d need to rewrite some (major) code parts to include a fullwidth slider. Probably this requires 2-3 hours of work. I’m not even sure if you can use the default Propulsion slider or if you need to implement the newer version of the aviaslider which is used in Incarnation, Eunoia and Replete. If you really want to stick with Propulsion you can try to hire a freelancer from, or but tbh I’d switch to Replete because the theme offers all features you need out of the box and you don’t need to hack the theme files and the theme is probably cheaper than a skilled freelancer…


    Dude, can I try the admin of the Replete before purchase?



    Unfortunately, you can’t. Rest assured the Replete theme is worth every penny. :)




    Ismael, I believe because I already use two Kriesi’s themes: Propulsion and Coherence, but they have many differences and I want to know what I’ll need to change on my site before purchasing Replete.


    There’re some differences:

    1) Replete offers more shortcodes than Propulsion (Tables, tabs, etc.)

    2) Replete uses the default wordpress image gallery for products – thus you can’t use Kriesi’s “featured media/slideshow” option field with products but you can set a featured image for each product and upload images to the post gallery. The advantage is that Replete should be compatible with all woocommerce plugins (watermark plugin, etc.).

    3) Replete introduces many new template builder options and Kriesi recreated the “Products” element – now you’ve more options + two different elements for the product slider and the product grid.

    That said you probably need to reconfigure some options.


    Dude, I don’t like increasing images, can I change it in the settings? To make it like propulsion


    Does the Replete use


    No, Replete will only support the new hover effect instead of the “Propulsion” effect (the new Replete effect is imho better especially for mobile devices and smaller screens). No, afaik it does not use


    Oh.. it’s very sad..

    So I decided to continue using Propulsion. But I still want to have full-width slider and I like Replete menu, Replete header at all :)

    Can I ask your developers to integrate the Replete header to Propulsion theme for me? I’ll pay of course. And you will have one more theme for sale :)


    Hi Kirill,

    I’ll tag the post for the support crew to see if anyone is available for freelance work.





    Have you tried the code below with propulsion?

    #slideshow_big .container {
    width: 100%;
    height: auto;

    I haven’t tested it, but injecting that into the page does make a full width slider on the home page of the demo. But need some large images. I am not sure if moving the slider from Replete makes sense because it would require more than just ripping the slider from one theme and inserting it into another. I think it may be easier just to use a 3rd party plugin slider then overhauling the entire theme, depending on your budget.




    Nick, I’ll try, thank you. But what about menu? :)

    It would be better for me to completely replace the Propulsion header with the Replete header.


    That’s not possible because Propulsion uses an older framework version and it does not support the responsive mega menu, etc. which is part of the Replete theme code. In this case you need to switch to Replete and hire someone to restyle the shop/product archive pages for you (so that they look like the Propulsion shop/product archive pages). Restyling the shop/product archive pages is not a big problem (nevertheless it takes some time – I’d say it requires up to 4 hours of work) however implementing the full width slider + adding a mega menu to Propulsion is not easy at all and you’d need to buy Replete too because Propulsion does not come with the mega menu code, etc.).


    Dude, Propulsion working through and it’s very important for me.

    I’m ready to buy Replete and I need your help with restyling. I believe that you will do it faster and better than any freelancer from the internet.

    I want to keep everything from Propulsion except header&slider.

    Can you do it for me?


    Propulsion uses the same template files (provided by the woocommerce plugin) like Replete. So if you think Propulsion uses Replete also uses it. To put it in other words: Propulsion does NOT contain any special code which would make it a compatible theme. So if Propulsion meets your requirements Replete will also fulfill them. Maybe the WooCommece template files take care of the standard(s) – in this case both themes are affected in the same way (Replete even more because the WooCommerce integration is a bit better coz it’s a dedicated shop theme).


    Okay, and what about restyling? :)



    Besides Kriesi of course, Dude knows every nook and cranny of the framework and the two themes better than other mortals. He is saying that its a tough build and gave you an idea of the type of caliber it will take to fulfill your requirements. If Dude has prior commitments and can’t dedicate the time your customization demands (as I can’t) then look at it like this : you just received a wealth of information to use as leverage when shopping for a freelancer, so you are now in a stronger bargaining position.

    (Christmas is around the corner, and I will be divorced if I renege on even one family obligation.)




    Still looking for qualified help! :)

    Unfortunately cannot find freelancer who is ready to take that job. Those who have tried have refused, because it takes a very long time to understand the framework…


    Hey Kirill,

    Its quite a bit of customization. In this instance, you would be better off having a new theme built from scratch if you aren’t able to dedicated the time or bend on what you’d like to see.

    That is part of the appeal and idea with wordpress themes, you find one close to or exactly as you like. Then customize it to fit your needs. If it doesn’t exist you make one.

    From my experience, most users of a site don’t even notice anything about the design. If it works and looks “good” to them then it gets ignored. So function over form in this case as long as the end results gets the job done.



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