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    Hi, I’m using Brightbox, with a pretty big mega menu at http://www.gimnasiomoderno.edu.co but i want to update my theme, and i thought if i wanted to mantain the megamenu, my best option will be the replete theme, but right now in my development server when i add the same megamenu, i lost a half of the menu, and it seems that does not accept more options.

    How can i configure a pretty big megamenu?



    Hi dmaldonado,

    Can you link to the other site so we can compare the different menus? I don’t think anything is different with Replete but it may just be a matter of setting things up.




    Hi Devin, this is the link http://gm.desarrollo.dm-studio.com/

    It’s under construction of course but the menu has that problem



    I added the same number of menu items to the Replete menu and they seem to fit.What exactly is the problem you are encountering when you add additional menu items?





    Hi Nick,

    The problem is that part of the menu disappeared when I assign the menu to be the main menu.

    Is there any way to set these menus directly in the database? This, I think there may be a memory issue on the server.



    I’ve never really tried setting a menu directly in the database. I believe the menus are stored in the wp_posts table under the post_type nav_menu_item.




    Hi, i could see in the database that the information was there, but appears unpliblished…. but i was a little afraid touching the databas e

    so i still having the same problem, it’s like when i use mega menus, the full menú doesn’t work.

    Any new suggestions?



    Contact your host to increase wordpress memory to 128megs in the php.ini file.

    So the menu items are in the database and only a portion of them are displayed you are saying? Is there an error at the cutoff point? I would suggest for you to reinstall the core wordpress. Connect using FTP and delete wp-admin, wp-include folders and everything in the root wordpress folder except wp-config.php and .htaccess and download a fresh copy of wordpress and replace all the folders and files except wp-content folder. This should not be happening and it sounds like a core wordpress error.




    Thank you Nick, I have contacted my hosting and managed to raise the memory in php.ini and now everything is working OK, thanks


    Glad Nick could help :)

    Let us know if you have any other questions or issues.



Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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