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    Hi! Wanted to know the size for the big advertisement area and also what file types are supported. (i.e. can a video ad be used? animated ads? or just static pictures, etc.)

    thanks for your help!


    Also need the sizing for the advertisement area in the header :)




    by default any html text is supported – i.e.. you can add images, plain text links, etc. – flash objects are supported too as long as you can use the object/embed tag. I can’t promise that every flash banner, ad, etc. will work without custom mods though.

    The standard dimensions are:

    height: 58px;
    width: 466px;


    How can i place adsense in the big ad area? I can only see image url and referal url…can’t place the code in either



    In Theme Options open Header & Footer, you’ll see “Header Advertising Banner”, here you can paste whatever you’d like.

    Best regards,



    What about in the sidebar, using the Shoutbox Advertising Area or Shoutbox Big Advertising Area widgets? These only seem to give options for images linked to URLs, not to Javascript or HTML code, which is used for most ads. Is it possible to insert Javascript or HTML code in Shoutbox Advertising Area widgets? Thanks


    Hi demozeno,

    As far as I know those ones do not offer the ability to use anything other than images for the ads.




    Thanks Devin

    I’m using the javascript and HTML code in the Text widgets and inserting ads this way – which, I guess, is the normal way. I just thought perhaps I was missing something with the Shoutbox Advertising widgets.

    Thanks again for the great support.



    Glad that this was resolved. :)



Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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