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    What would you recommend is the best approach to have 5 columns instead of 4 for the mega menus?

    I suspect just changing a css width in a couple of locations should work but I was wondering if there is a shortcut like using avia_mega_menu_columns_5 for example if it exists


    I thnk I found two places in the style.css where I replaced the 201px width with 152 and now I only need to find where the code is adding a HR after 4 column.

    EDIT: I commented out class-megamenu line 242 //$output .= “n<li class=’avia_mega_hr’>n”;

    Does the job but is clearly not elegant and limits to 5 columns only


    Yes – obviously the problem is that we’re limited with the page width of around 1000px (or 960 main grid) and that too many columns don’t make much sense (it depends on the link/text length, etc.). More than 5 columns would imho irritate the user nevertheless. I’d use rows if I need to display many categorized menu items – looks cleaner and gives the user a better overview.


    I was more looking for a comment about how to make it 5 columns without doing all this editing as it seemed the code was build on a max 5 columns. Of course not all designs would work with it but…

    I knor there probably won t be an update to allow the number of columns to be picked up from the admin section but maybe for future themes that would be nice.

    Now I need to figure out if I can add images like on the latest theme


    We’ll consider it as a feature for updates/new themes.

    The image problem was mentioned in this thread:

    You can use following code to create an image shortcode:

    function avia_sc_img($atts, $content = "", $shortcodename = ""){
    return '<img src="'.$atts['src'].'" alt="" />';


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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