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    I am curious if it is possible to make the Sortable Portfolio categories pop up before all of the images in the portfolio have loaded. It is a minor nuisance if someone is scrolling down as the page loads and then pushed back to the top of the page when all of the images have finished loading.

    I found this post: (Purchase code hidden if logged out)

    but it’s a year old.

    Is there a solution other than narrowing down the amount of projects?


    You can try to replace following line in js/avia.js:

    filter		= container.prevAll('#js_sort_items:last').css({visibility:"visible", opacity:0}),


    filter		= container.prevAll('#js_sort_items:last').css({visibility:"visible", opacity:1}),

    I’m not sure if this will break the portfolio but it’s worth a try.


    It does break the portfolio. Unfortunate. :(

    If I lower the amount of entries visible on any one page, the load times are great, but then it only sorts between the entries it loads. If I understand how the sortable portfolio works, all of the items are loaded into “memory”, and clicking on a category just narrows down what has already been loaded?

    How would I go about changing it so the individual categories load specific pages with their own unique portfolios? It would be a fair workaround without having to add sub-categories to the Main Menu, and would not require extensive tweaking to the JS.


    Yes exactly. Kriesi uses the isotope jquery plugin: to sort the portfolio items. Basically this script sorts or filters a html list based on the custom (html) data attributes:

    At the moment the only workaround I know is to add sub-categories to the main menu or to reduce the number of items. It’s not possible to link the portfolio filter/sort links to unique portfolios.


    OK. Thank you. If it ever becomes an issue, I’ll break the categories into their own separate pages and just add a drop-down menu in the sidebar.


    Hi merhardj,

    Glad that Peter helped you. :)



Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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