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    A bit new with the theme and customizing it. Though not new to Kresi’s good work.

    I searched on this and did find the optimum “logo” size for logo/partner list. It is 446 x 218 according to the answer in the forum.

    Trying to use the Columns element on the Frontpage, the posts we are calling (3) have different aspect ratio images for the feature images. This is making the strip of Images and Titles look like stair steps. Rather than being uniform. What would be the best size for these images so that does not happen?

    Could it be I am uploading them to small and they are not getting cropped to the right size for that reason?

    Thanks in advance, just learning choices, can’t wait to understand it!



    Maybe a good way to make them uniform with different height I suppose to is crop them first on a similar canvas before uploading them. Let’s say for example you are using four columns. They have a width of 205px, crop your images on a canvas with 205px width and a specific height then upload them. How many columns are you using?




    We are just testing, Right now 3 columns. When we started using newscast we standardized on one slider, We all know to make the featured image 700×320.

    Thinking on this overnight, we could use your demo content and do screen captures then measure them in Photoshop. Although it would be nice to find some way to automate it. While our designers can adjust every image, an end user posting something just wants to upload it and not be concerned with size. Many don’t even understand the concept.


    Hi SteveYoung,

    Do you have a live version we can take a look at to see what size and crop is currently going on? There may be some other options as well but with the flexibility of choices I want to make sure we are addressing the exact same content types.




    Sorry for the delay, we got pulled off this project and on to another. The one I am working on is in maintenance mode, I can not open that to the public yet since it is a replacement website. I could set up a test bed that you can get into where I can reproduce what I am working on.

    Or I can email a user id and password so you can get in to see it. This would be preferred as it will take less time.

    I am pouring through the documentation, using the product and reading the support forum trying to get smart. Working on silly little things, if I can not figure those issues out I will ask in another question.


    Sure thing,You can send the information to my email at DevinVinson (at) Make sure to include a link to this topic so that my spam filter doesn’t grab it :)




    We got this on our own, thank you for the kind offer. What we did was to set the Logo/Partner List images to 205 by 205 that way they work fine and fit in the space.

    Spending the weekend on Choices is helping to understand what is possible and how to do it a bit more.

    Now off to see the best image size and aspect ratio for the slider.


    Glad you were able to solve your issue. Let us know if you need further assistance.



Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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