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    We are a “multimedia” company currently developing our new web site—and “Angular” seems to be a bit slower than other themes because of all the functionality it has.

    At this time, GoDaddy is hosting it, and sometimes it is almost unusable—and we don’t have a lot of plugins. Could you give us some suggestions on which hosting companies are the best for hosting ‘complex’ themes like Angular?

    [ NOTE: Based on what Automattic, Yoast, and others have said, we were thinking: WP Engine, VPS, WestHost, Synthesis, BlueHost, HostGator, DreamHost, WebHosting Hub, and InMotion ].




    Visual IMPACT!


    Kriesi and I host our websites on All Inkl Web Hosting. However it’s a German hoster and probably not the best choice in your case. I’ll tag this thread for Devin, Nick and Ismael – maybe they can provide some useful tips.



    I use (same as you, mbesh, based on domain in your forum name). I am not sure if you get them through a reseller or not but directly from them compare the traces

    you (11-12 hops) –>

    me (5-6 hops) –>

    i like em because you can ‘spin a server’ in 1 minute via the control panel , use it for as long as you want, and pay by the hour. Very scalable cloud based vps.

    If you add nginx instead of apache, (or use as a reverse proxy) and php-fpm along with apc and varnish as the cache then use batcache wordpress plugin, and run your dns via cloudflare … you will have one sick turbo charged website.

    Do the same test for all the hosts you listed and see if they are re-sellers and how close they are to tier1.




    Hey Mark,

    I personally have a grid server and DV server over at Media Temple. You can start with a basic grid server and add additional mini sites to it without a lot of back-end fuss as it supports up to 99 domains plus the main hosting domain. The DV is great if you want to give clients their own cpanel (which I do for some of my clients). You can go month to month or pay yearly and get a 2 month discount.

    Solid servers and the support staff is amazing.





    I agree with Devin. I’ve tried GoDaddy and Bluehost but really looking forward working with Media Temple. :)



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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