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    I’m a beginner at websites and wordpress etc and I bought the theme to make it simple but everything has been super hard. I basically just want the default theme of eunoia with the portfolio front page with the tags below and when you click on the piece of work it takes you to the project page. Is there a tutorial on how to set up the simple site like this or instructions? I’m so lost and getting super frustrated! Thank you for any and all advice!


    Hi there,

    Once you activated the theme, go to Eunoia > Theme Options > Import the dummy data. It will give you the basic pages. You can then build your website using those pages that you need and removing some that you don’t. :)




    I did that and the only one that shows up is the one with the slideshow. you can view my site at I’ve tried it numerous times and ways and it will only give me a slide show. I want the gallery type homepage not slideshow! Thanks!!


    Hi kleinfelke,

    The dummy data doesn’t have an exact duplicate of the demo. What you can do however is choose the portfolio page to be set as your front page from the main theme options.

    Alternatively you can build the same home page layout and customize it by going to the Template builder under the Eunoia menu and then adding in a portfolio element with your choice of portfolio categories, number displayed etc.

    Then go to your current home page in the editor and change which dynamic template is used.



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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