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    I’m about to start the build of a new site using the Corona theme which I bought tonight. The domain for the install already has WP 3.1 installed but the site itself has very little content – it will be migrated or copied and pasted into the new site. The WP installation was added to a sub directory by someone else – I’m now trying to figure out the smartest way to go about this before I begin.

    My initial thoughts were:

    1. Move (or reinstall) the WP installation from the sub-domain to the main index and delete the WP Sub-domain

    2. Use a maintenance plugin or an index.html static page while building with links to other sites so that it remains hidden

    3. When ready remove the index.html file or turn the maintenance program off…

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated, Iess headache before and after is the goal



    yes – I’d also use the main index to develop the site because moving the settings/files, etc. can be a pain. There’re some tools which can help you but obviously there’s always the risk that something goes wrong. If your current site isn’t important (because of missing content, etc.) I’d directly start in the main index directory and use a maintenance plugin like:


    Thanks for the reply Dude, and thanks for confirming my suspicions.

    FYI – My site is, I just tested the WP Maintenance mode, it has some nice pre-designed templates which makes it better than the plugin I was using – thanks for that.

    I’m going to be designing the Corona site on – as you’ll see the /wp/ is still in place.

    Q. What do I do with the install on /wp/ sub directory? Should I delete it? What’s the best order of events? I was thinking…

    1) Use SimpleScripts* to install a fresh version on wordpress on the root.

    2) Install WP Maintenance and leave a link to our G+ Business page, for example.

    3) Copy and paste content from the /wp/ installation to the new root install OR migrate posts, images etc… (not sure how to do that) — There is not so much content, but it would be hand if I could migrate the content there as I’ll be using it during the new build.

    4) Delete the /wp/ installation completely so that there is only one WP copy.

    5) Begin with a fresh WP and install Corona

    *SimpleScripts, – this looks like a simple way to install a fresh copy of WP in the main root.

    Appreciate any tips you give – looking forward to extracting the Corona zip!!




    I dont know SimpleScripts but I think it’s not necessary. I’d just copy the wp files to the main index folder (“new root”) and then use a plugin like to batch replace all occurences of with – now all posts/permalinks, etc. should work again.


    Ok, that sounds simple enough. Once it’s found and replaced everything and the transfer is confirmed OK, I can then just delete the /wp/ folder, yes? I’m pretty sure the answer to that (stupid) question is yes, but just checkin’ :)

    Would I include the “http://” in the search?

    ie. Search:

    Replace with:


    1) Yes – but I’d make a backup to be on the safe side.

    2) I wouldn’t include it – is enough.


    Thanks. Just noticed they have no backup software installed… top tip?

    Just referred to your plugin list… will check out WP DB Backup…

    Update: Prefer the one above too – clean and simple – thanks for the tip.


    I’d use WP DB Backup for db backups and the standard ftp client for file backups :)


    Hi Dude,

    WP DB Backup worked fine on, it downloaded the backup file.

    When I tried it on my own site it said it was successful but no file was downloaded.

    I tried it then by ‘send by email’ again said successful, but no email arrived. Sent a support request to the developer

    but as yet have not heard back.


    Re: Where to install

    I’ve now got access to the server and see that another installation of wordpress was installed on the root. That installation uses the .org domain name. It is setup to redirect to the .com domain name.

    I’m now thinking, for ease, install the new template in the /wp/ folder and leave as is.

    That seems to be the less complicated route??


    Yes – it’s the less complicated route – however you have to live with the fact that your website url contains a directory then – even on the mainpage. I mean basically it’s not too bad but I’m not sure if it’s a good decision (because of seo).

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