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    I have tried all day to add a complete email opt in form, but have only been able to get the actual “form” divs to work. I’ve tried a popup plugin, a mailchimp plugin and text widgets. If you look at that’s the closest to what I want it to look like.

    At a minimum I would like to use an image as the “headline” for the widget that you see in the oil shop and page sidebars. I can’t get it to show up at all for the blog.

    What am I doing wrong now?



    Hi Liz,

    You need to use a text widget and put in the html through there. Then add the custom css to either the Quick CSS or custom.css file. You can target the specific widget with css.

    As an aside, anything that disables the right-click option is both a waste of time and an extreme inconvenience for users (generally a very bad option for UX). It also makes it difficult to use developer tools and offer css.




    So, let me ask again to be sure I’m following you here. I can put my html code in the widget (it displays just fine, btw), but if I want to use an image as a header instead of text above the form, I need to create some CSS to wrap it in and put that in the theme options custom CSS? I already have the image created and uploaded to my media gallery, but I’ve tried putting the URL into my form in place of the headline text but it will not display.

    Could you point me towards a short CSS tutorial that would teach me how to write this that won’t take weeks or months to learn. I am not a theme or website developer. I am a writer who understands marketing and SEO, but not design or code.




    Widget titles don’t accept raw html as far as I know. So you would need to use no text for the actual title and then add the image into the text area of the text widget. Basically using it as a box to throw your html into directly.

    You could use inline css but its poor practice to do so.

    The quickest way to have it done if you aren’t familiar with css/html is to use something like (where I freelance) and have it coded for you.

    There is an older video posted here on the basics of doing quick css changes: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -users

    Which is the same route we use doing support for targeting css and doing things like that.

    For the actual image inside the text widget, this is a good quick reference:




    I have not been trying to put images into a widget title. I am leaving the widget title area blank.

    I have been trying to use compliant image code in the text area of the text widget. In other words I want this to appear in a text widget in the sidebar of my blog, pages, etc.:

    code edit using [ so you can see the code [img src=”” alt =”sayhidiscount”]

    followed by the mailchimp code. Only the Mailchimp code shows up even though the image is 180×90 so it should fit within the column width of the sidebar.


    You have:

    <img src="" "http:="""" wp-content="" uploads="" 2013="" 04="" sayhidiscount.jpg"="" width="180" height="81">

    in your page now which is incorrect and why the image isn’t appearing. I got the above by inspecting your text widget and copying the html for the image, then pasting it here. You can do the same or just view the source of that page.


    I thought it might be the image path, so I deleted, reuploaded, copied, etc. and it still didn’t work.

    Then I tried grabbing one of my product images that is appearing fine on its product page, on the category page, etc. and it is also NOT appearing in any widget I put it in…

    If you look at my blog page ( you will see I have the space for it showing in the sidebar (it is the top “text” widget) and here is the image URL I am using — using square brackets instead of code brackets so you can see the full path.

    [img src “”]I am putting in img src= but when I save and check code again the “=” has been removed.

    So how do I get any image to show up in any of my sidebars?


    There is nothing we can do to ‘fix’ this. The code you are adding in to display the image is just incorrect. This is what is getting shown as the raw html for that widget:

    <div class="textwidget"><a href="Permalink:" http:="""" about-us="" newsletter-sign-up="" "=""><img src="" "http:="""" wp-content="" uploads="" 2013="" 04="" sayhi.png"=""></a></div>

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