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    Hi I am trying to integrate bbpress into shoutbox theme, and I am having problems. I am not sure if it bbpress or shoutbox theme, but I installed the bbpress with a default wordpress theme and I don’t have these problems. It seems that this is a shoutbox theme issue:

    1. I have installed the latest version of bbpress on my test site. I experience strange behavior, when I click on the user name in the forum, it should take me to the user profile but t doesn’t, it doesn’t show the user profile, or it shows only for admins.

    2. When I click on topics or replies created, it doesn’t show them for participants, and it shows it for admin only when it feels like it.

    if you visit here:

    and click on the test user it takes me here:

    but the actual profile is for some strange reason is using the first name and the last name of the user to generate the user profile link, here in the example:

    username: test

    first name: test

    last name: user

    user profile shows when I use firstname and the last name in combination (When I am logged in as test user), if I am not logged in it gives 404 error, but bbpress is using the username to link to bbpress user profile. In actual fact the profile is at …/”First name””Last Name”/

    I think this is a strange behavior, I was wondering if anybody has experienced this? I searched the forum could not find anything about it.

    I found this post which seems to be the same problem but I checked the suggestions, they don’t sove my problem, I though maybe you guys might know about this issue, (Purchase code hidden if logged out)(Purchase code hidden if logged out) /


    Hi ozgurpolat,

    Shoutbox doesn’t have any built in support for bbPress like some of Kriesi’s other themes do so any integration steps would need to be done manually to get it working with the theme.

    For your issues with the profiles it sounds like a permalink issue (maybe). However we aren’t really equipped to diagnose bbPress issues since its not our plugin or code. Your best route is to post your issues to the bbPress support and see if they can help diagnose and fix the issue.




    Hi Devin,

    I am sorry but bbpress support is really non-existing. I posted there couple of times and I did not get a single reply and I have a post 5 months old. In fact no one ever responded to my posts on bbpress. I really need to get this plug-in working on shoutbox theme but I don’t know where to start. Do you guys have some tutorial that could help me, or some hint, maybe that can get me going. I will try to solve this on my own? How did you integrate bbpress with other themes?

    I just want to add that I tried to integrate buddypress with shoutbox theme in the past and I was quite successful, though I am told this is no longer needed and I decided against using buddypress but they had a tutorial to follow on their site and I was able to do it.I am wondering if it is similar kind of integration? I had a look at bbpress site and in the past they used twenty-ten files except for the style.css and put them into child-theme folder and worked on that. But I am looking at the bbpress folder now and they don’t have this theme anymore and I assume they are trying to get bbpress work on all themes.


    Did you try using default permalink settings? If it does work then, check that you don’t have any duplicate slug names for the bbpress options in Settings>Forums>Single Slugs . The default user profile seems to actually pull in settings from an incorrect template (showing slideshow etc) so you will need to change what template bbpress is using.

    However, I just tested the newest version of bbpress set up on my live demo with shoutbox and am not having the same issues at all. Going to an admin profile or a regular participant both give me a normal profile page for bbpress.


    That is really strange, I deactivated my plug-ins, I did not have many, and I am only using shoutbox and bbpress. I switched to default permalinks but I am still having the same problem. And then I turned off shoutbox theme and replaced it default twenty twelve theme and now I don’t have these problems.

    I wonder if it is to do with a setting on my host? Because we both have the same versions of shotbox theme and bbpress.


    I’m not sure but you could try setting up a secondary test folder on the same domain, install the theme and then bbpress and try it out.


    Hi Devin I did what you suggested and installed shoutbox on a new wordpress installation then installed bbpress, and it works fine, I don’t have this problem,


    I imported the dummy data (I quite like using this option of the theme, it is really helpfull for setting up the theme) and as soon as I import the dummy data something breaks and it stops working. So the culprit is the dummy data, but not sure why?


    Seems odd that it would be since my install uses it as well. But you can try going through some of the options and checking to see what anything changed does. Specifically anything that deals with pages (portfolios, front page and blog etc).


    I think this is difficult because it breaks as soon as I import the dummy data. I tried it twice already on two different hosts. Are you sure you are using the latest version of shoutbox and bbpress? Could you try to do a fresh install with the latest versions? If it is happening to me than you should be able to repeat it. don’t know what to do except setting up a new site without importing the dummy data but this will be very time consuming.


    Hi Devin, I created a test site for you where you can log-in and all you have to do is to visit the forums and a user profile (oscar – this is a subscriber, admin profiles still work even after importing the dummy data) then import the dummy data and see what happens. I have installed a fresh wordpress and bbpress and shoutbox theme. I created a test forum which I will delete once you visit it:


    Please go and check first and see how the forum profiles behave then please log in as admin and import the dummy data and go back to the forums and see what happens when the user clicks on the user name to reach their profile.

    user – keymaster: forsocius

    password: forsocius

    user (subscriber) :oscar

    password: testuser


    OK UPDATE: I found what is causing the problem, It is the “Dynamic Tamplate Builder”. I decided not to import the dummy data and build the site from ground up. The same thing happened the moment I created the dynamic template. I tried it in THREE different fresh wordpress installations, in fact You can repeat it in the example site . INSTEAD OF DOWNLOADING DUMMY DATA, JUST CREATE A DYNAMIC TEMPLATE and YOU SHOULD BE ABLE TO SEE.


    Under the same circumstances I’m still not getting the error.

    I’m not sure where you are creating a dynamic template that it would interfere with the plugin but even with the dummy data installed I’m having no issues with the profile pages.

    I’ll tag the topic for the rest of the support crew but as I said before the plugin isn’t an officially supported plugin for this theme so integration is up to you.

    Looking at your demo site, setting up a basic page with the template builder gives an error with the theme files. You may want to re-download the theme from themeforest from your downloads in case your local copy has an error which is causing things to act differently.


    Hi Devin,

    1. I kindly asked you to import the dummy data in my test site, and checked you did not even try. I am very disappointed. As soon as you hear bbpress you don’t want to help. But the theme is breaking bbpress, there is a problem. I tried it many times.

    Since you did not do what i asked you to do, I imported the dummy data on my test site, COULD YOU PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE visit the link and admit that there is something wrong:

    This link before importing the dummy data shows oscar’s profile after importing dummy data or creating a dynamic template it doesn’t. I have downloaded the latest theme files.

    if your claim is true, that you don’t have the same problem, then prove it to me, Either

    1. Or give me a link to your test site I can visit a subscriber bbpress profile (not admin) and see the problem is not there, or

    2. I provided the admin access to my site. you can install your theme files and demonstrate that the problem is not there.

    I understand you do not provide “bbpress” and I don’t expect you but the theme should not break the bbpress if I am using the “Dynamic template”. Surely you would want to know about such problem because bbpress is becoming increasingly popular.


    There is no reason to get angry or hostile, we try to help as best we can but when it comes down to it we aren’t able to magically fix every issue.

    Please take the steps I asked you to previously by re-downloading the theme files from your downloads on Themeforest. As I said, I did see an error when attempting to create a regular template builder template which I’m not getting on my dev site.

    See a quick demo where I show the profiles for an admin user and a regular level user as well:




    Hi Devin,

    I apologize for my hash language, I was angry but I don’t think I am hostile, I am just frustrated, I have a deadline, I need to get the site up and running before the 1st of October for the trademark application, otherwise it will be rejected. And I am running out of time, this makes me little rude. Sorry. I have downloaded latest theme files for the sites. But I will do it again, and instead of using a zip file and installing the theme from wordpress I will actualy use ftp to but them and put them in themes folder. I will download the latest theme files and do couple of installations, and give post the the links here in a few hours, could you please check them for the template error? Thanks.


    Hi Devin I downloaded the latest theme files and installed wordpress and shoutbox theme here:

    I did not install bbpress yet. Could you please take a look and tell me that template builder works as it should?

    user – keymaster: forsocius

    password: forsocius

    user (subscriber) :oscar

    password: testuser



    First thing to do is downgrade to 3.5.2 as the theme has not been updated to work with WordPress 3.6. You can use this video as a guide:


    Thanks Devin for the link. I have now installed wordpress 3.5.2 and the latest shoutbox theme files. I haven’t installed bbpress yet. Could you please check the template builder?

    Kind regards



    Yes, it is working.


    Hi Devin,

    I installed bbpress and imported dummy data, again before importing the dummy data I could visit the bbpress profile after importing the dummy data the link takes me to the home page instead of the user profile.

    I really don’t know what I am doing differently from you but I cannot get this working, it is driving me crazy.




    The dummy data wasn’t setting a page to hold the “blog”. Once created and set it no longer trys to output blindly so the profiles all work.


    Thanks Devin, Nicely done, I am sorry for the next stupid question, how do I set a page to hold the blog? :) I guess I have to create a page called Blog, and then go to theme options and under “And where do you want to display the News Overview?” select blog to set it or do I set it to be the front page?


    Hi Devin, I worked it out. It works now. I really thank you for your help.

    Kind regards

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