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    Please can you assist. bbpress search does not produce any results. I have tried 2 bbpress plugins:

    – bbPress Search Widget

    – Search bbPress 2.0

    I am not sure why no results are coming through.

    Thanks, Rashed


    Hi Rashed,

    To be able to search the result you need to use a plugin. Unfortunately, it looks like there isn’t currently a plugin that I know of that has been updated recently to work with the most recent version of bbPress and wordpress together.

    You could try checking the bbPress site/forums and see if they have any recommendations




    Hi Devin,

    The angular theme demo has a search plugin. Which version of bbpress shall i use with which version of wordpress for the search plugin to work. bbpress with no serach is just not worth having at all.

    Thanks, Rashed


    Hey Rashed,

    Can you point out in the demo where you see a search plugin active for bbPress?




    Sorry you are right. Not in demo.

    I have searched everywhere for a solution. No one else has this problem. I am using the latest bbpress 2.2.4. I cannot believe it does not have any search plugin that works with it. Very disappointing. If you find anything please let me know.

    Thank You.


    Fixed with bbpress RC 2.3. Search function works.



    Great! Thank you for posting back as well :)



Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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