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    Hi there,

    this is in fact not a Habitat specific question per se, but since I am trying to integrate bbpress there, I thought I’d post here.

    My question is, would you be willing to share, how you integrated bbpress here on your site? It seems you only used the search field and the discussion themselves but nothing else, right?

    I can fully understand if answering this request takes too much time and goes beyond your normal scope of support, but I thought I’d givce it a try and maybe you have that info documented somewhere anyway ;-)



    Kriesi used the header.php and footer.php code from his standard theme and integrated the forum via some css styling. A new beta version of a bbpress plugin was released a few days ago – it should allow you to integrate bbpress easily in any theme but the development to a stable version will take some time. But detailed instructions are really beyond the normal scope of support.


    Ok, that actually helps a lot already (beta and hint re. header and footer). Thanks for that :-)


    Just another small hint – you can follow the development progress here:

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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