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    I have two pre sale questions.

    Is Abundance bbpress ready and will it shows like it is in Propulsion?

    Does the log in page/plugin work without using the shop?

    Like this->

    Thanks again :)



    I’m sorry but the answer to both question is “no”.


    Thanks for your quick answer. I would like to switch one of my sites from Broadscope to Abundance, because of the looks of it. I need a clean and simple forum solution, what bbpress could give me. Would it be possible, if I purchase Abundance, that you provide me the bbpress.css file you used in Propulsion? It has to be a quick switch and tweaking it I tried already, but didn’t succeed well..



    Yes – we can do this however I guess that it won’t make Abundance fully compatible with bbpress because some php, etc. mods are required too. Abundance just isn’t layed out for bbpress. I’d go with Propulsion because it’s the better option anyway if you don’t want to run a dedicated shop – Propulsion offers some nice features (responsive design, forum support, portfolio posts, etc.). and it also supports woocommerce if you’d like to host a (small) shop.


    Thanks for your reply.

    I like Abundance visually very much, especially the great looks of the blog. Also the position of the menu is important and in Propulsion it just doest’n work nice with an ad banner (what I need for sponsors).

    The only 3 field layout and the field measurements (hights and widths etcetera) are the main tweak infos I need, so if they are in the style file bbpress.css.

    Thanks again!


    I think they’re included – see: – however because it’s layed out for the responsive design you may need to change some width values.


    Hi Dude,

    that makes it easier to choose which template to purchase :)

    Thanks again!

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