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    I just bought this theme, I have a few hundred images which I need to upload to the potrfolio. I used the “Automatic Featured Image Posts” plugin so that when I upload them to the site they will be created as portfolio items. Its works except it doesn’t save the image as the featured image.

    it only saves the image title as the portfolio item titlw but no featured image.

    Is there a way to batch upload to this theme as it will take forever to upload each portfolio item seperate. ( especially with the internet speed where i live! :( ) hope you can help!



    We can’t help you much with third party plugins issues, however as the plugin page says, the plugin is compatible up to WP 3.5.2 only, it may be that.




    Ok thanks, I will try to roll back to 3.5.2 and try again. does it support more than one portfolio page?



    Yes, just click the green plus icon on the portfolio option page to add another portfolio

    Best regards,


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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