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    basket in top tool menu bar does only show Price/content, on basket page, when adding product, and going to another page the basket in toptool bar shows empty.

    Looking forward to hearing from you:)



    The issue was caused by WP super cache plugin. After i removed the plugin (not only deactivated), the issue is gone. Since the particular plugin reduces the installations load time significant, perhaps the support have some experiences with some settings on the plugin that could be used to avoid the issue ? I´m aware you don´t offer support on 3 party plugins, but asking anyway.





    Did you try W3TC instead: ? Afaik it works better with WooCommerce than WP Super Cache.




    Hey Peter

    I did not get any increase by the W3TC plugin. I´m shure it´s because i did something wrong under configuration.. I have thought of another solution (new url):

    .cart_dropdown {

    display: none;


    removed the cart widget

    #top div .thumbnail_container .add_to_cart_button{

    display: none;


    removed the “add to cart” overlay in all products grid list (forcing users to go to product details) in woocommerce the feature “redirect to basket on single productpages” is enabled.

    Now there is a link to basket in left corner of the sub menu “INDKØBSKURV”, if this link instead took the place right corner the site would still have the same look and feel, as before, but with WP super cache enabled, the plugin reduces site load to 0.7 sec, instead of 2.5 sec.

    It would be fine if the sub menu just wrightes from right to left, instead of left to right. I have used a hour or so to try and find a solution in the forum. Can you help ? :)




    In w3 total cache, please *do not* use the css or javascript minification feature and make sure that you are *not* in development mode. (click view source and on bottom of the page you will see a few lines from w3 which state if you are in development or live)

    There are now quite a few cache plugins in the wordpress repository with a large user base that you should consider if you don’t want to invest the time in configurating w3cache (which is a bit intimidating for fist time users but well worth understanding).

    Also check the .htaccess file located at the root of your website. There are a number of directives that vast majority of WordPress websites are missing which significantly improve performance. Use this plugin (or ftp) to see your current .htaccess file. copy the contents of and paste it *above* everything located inside your htaccess file without deleting anything. If you have a problem that means your server hosting company has disabled critical Apache server mods and you should use ftp to replace your original .htaccess (the plugin makes a backup). This configuration should *only* be used when you have *finished* development , otherwise the cache will make development a frustrating experience.

    [Edit] Ask you host if they have any cache modules they can turn on for you (XCache, Varnish, APC, or Memcached). Those are the best to speed up your website but depending on your host , most are turned off. Ask them to turn them on, (or better yet switch to any host that uses NginX instead of Apache to feel true speed).

    I just notices there was a question. To move that word to the right use this css

    #top .sub_menu {
    float: right;




    Hi Nick

    Thanks for beeing so detailed around the issue, very helpfull:)


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