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    Hello Kriesi team,

    I use Angular theme, which is great. I am almost finished building my site and I started to check google index with my name (which is my site) : I have 2 problems :

    – Google seems to index first the URLs of my portfolio-items (which I call portfolio-objet) instead of indexing my static pages.

    – When I click on these links, it is not the design of my pages.

    Here is the address of my site : (my name is Mallory Kwiat)

    For information I also installed All in one SEO plugin and launched also xml sitemap.

    Could you help to erase those portfolio-item index with google/others and put my frontpage instead…

    Thanks in advance



    You should give google some time with this, there is actually not much you can do. They will crawl your pages posts and portfolio items and based on the content of these pages (not the underlying code) the sites will rank in google.

    Google also takes into account the back links each page receives, bounce rate, internal site linking and many many more things, and it usually ends up that the index page is the most prominent for generic search terms.

    Deleting those portfolio items from the google index might push the index page for now but will ultimately do you no good. On top of that I wouldnt even know how what the best way would be to remove the portfolio from the index :/

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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