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    I just downloaded the AviaSlider and it seems to me like the control buttons are cropped incorrectly – the left and bottom sides seem to be flat instead of creating a circular effect. I’m a perfectionist, but this seems like a pretty big annoyance to me. Does anyone else see this? Maybe I just got a bad update of the file? Other than this issue, I love the buttons and the rest of the plugin! Thanks so much!


    I did get the buttons fixed by playing around with them in Photoshop, but you can see the new ones at http://www.wildbackpacker.com.



    I can slightly see this effect here: http://aviathemes.com/aviaslider/ – I’m not sure if it’s because of design reasons (some sort light/3d effect) or if it’s a flaw…


    Personally I think it’s a flaw. I think it looks fine on the demo because of the grey background behind those buttons. But on other sites I’ve seen that use this plugin they seem to have the same problem. It’s not a huge deal, like I said I just pay way too close attention to detail, but I think it’s something that can easily be fixed in the source files.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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