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    I am using Flashlight 2.4.1 and Firefox 26 and am facing the same pbs that some other people faced some months ago, as there is a gap between slides.
    It works fine on Chrome, IE 11.0.2 and Safari.

    I would be truely gratefull for your help.
    Best regards



    Can you post the link to your website please?



    Hi Josue,
    On the homepage.



    Nice website! I checked it using Firefox 26.0 on Windows 7. This is what I see:

    I don’t see any gap issues.



    Hi Ismael,
    thanks for your answer but I confirm there is a grey gap randomly appearing between slides once per full rotation.
    Can you please double check?
    Thank you



    I’m sorry but I really don’t see it. I’ll ask other support team members to check the site on Firefox 26.0. Please edit the page then go to Gallery Options. Make sure that all the images on the list exist. If not, remove it. Remove browser cache then reload the page a few times. Test it on another browser. If you have a cache plugin, flush the settings.



    Ok, I cleared Firefox cache and refresh.
    There are 8 pictures in all, all ok.
    After refresh, it works fine for the first loop (8 images ok), then gap appears during the second one.

    There was no cache plug-in but I’ve just installed one (WP-cache): same result, no pb on the first loop then gap again…
    Thanks for your help



    I tried getting the same thing just now by letting the slideshow play through a few times in FF and in Chrome at the same time but both showed the same thing with no visual errors popping up.

    Letting it run for the past 6 minutes in Firefox and still nothing unfortunately.

    Do you happen to have any Firefox add ons or anything like that? What OS are you using as well?



    Hi Devin,
    wow, it’s great mystery…
    I’m using Seven and yes, have quite a few add-ons installed.
    I’ve tried to launch Firefox with deactivated-add-ons mode and everything works fine… It’s a mad stuff!!!
    Thank you anyway for your kind help and support, you can close the thread.

    All the best and a very happy new year to all the staff.


    Sorry about that but glad we at least found that maybe most users wont encounter it :)

    Happy New Year :)

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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