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    Hi guys, just a heads up … the small pattern on the bg is missing on the demo. I tried showing someone yesterday and this morning and the tile seems to have vanished.


    Actually, I can’t get any colour bg preview to work on the stretched layout either.


    Whew! I thought it was just my system. For the past couple of days, the style-switcher won’t change the background color of the stretched layout and won’t apply a patterned background.


    Follow-up note: The problem appears in both IE8 and the latest Firefox.


    I’m not sure why this hasn’t received any attention. I am considering buying the Avisio theme, but am concerned that the issues with the demo might be a hint that something could happen in a roll-out environment, too.

    I’m hoping it is just a programming error with the style-switcher and not the theme.

    I will say that the demo WAS working properly a couple of weeks ago, when I first found Avisio. Since it happens in both IE and Firefox, I don’t think it is a browser issue, but maybe a Windows patch of some kind broke it?

    Please advise ASAP. I’d like to buy the theme, but don’t want to put all the money and effort into setting it up and have it go sideways.



    I don’t know why this topic was missed, sorry about that! :-)

    @batesy This is marked for Kriesi’s attention as a possible bug.

    @amz The style switcher is completely separate from the Avisio theme and is not included with the download. Looks like there might be a bug in the site but this won’t affect your site if you purchase Avisio :-)




    Thanks for the notice, the styleswitcher bug should be fixed now for all browsers.

    As James already said, this bug wont affect the purchase-version since it doesnt include the front end styleswitcher ;)

    Best regards and thanks for your attention ;)

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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