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    Hey guys,

    I’ve had a quick look through the forum to see if i can find the answer to this myself with no luck.

    Basically its like the title says only the home page and shop page background images load in firefox, the others just display a black background.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated


    Hi beauy!

    What version of Firefox are you testing it with? What OS? This is what I see on my end using Firefox 24.0.

    The image loads slower on Firefox.



    Hey Ismael,

    I’m using 24.0 on OSX but I’ve had reports of it not loading at all on windows systems as well.

    The front page loads fine and the shop page loads also its the “my account page” “Our brand page” and the “contact page” that wont load the background images.

    I’ve noticed as soon as you resize the browser window it appears immediately.



    The background image does show but you’re using a very large image and it takes a long time before the browser can load them. The theme is using a lazy load script for images, the image will not show until is fully loaded. The demo uses images with 1200x700px size. You can even use smaller images up to 900px in width. Please decrease the size of the background images then try again.




    Thanks for your reply, but that does not explain why this works flawlessly in the chrome browser and struggles in firefox and IE.

    The images are no larger than 300kb so they should load fine and they do in chrome but why not firefox.

    The pages mentioned above are still not loading at all in firefox.



    I tried on Firefox 24 on Win7 and it works fine on my end as well
    You can try adding following code to Quick CSS in Flashlight theme options under Styling tab

    .avia_fullscreen_slider li { display: block!important; }



    Hey Yigit,

    The first page works fine on my firefox 24 as well its not that page I’m worried about its the about us, account page and contact pages that don’t load the background image.

    Whats worrying is

    (A) No bandwidth is being used to load those background images in firefox.
    (B) the images have been loaded but do not display in firefox.

    Another thing i noticed on those pages is when i go to resize the browser window in firefox they appear instantaneously which says to me they have been loaded but why dont they display?

    Also the code you supplied didn’t fix the issue.

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    From what it looks like, Firefox gets hung up on the image loading in at the end of everything else. So a reload quickly pulls in the recently downloaded data but either the server or Firefox just hangs on the big background images.

    Your best route to try and keep it from happening is to run your images through a resizer to get them below 300kb.

    Updating the theme *may* also help as looking over the past few updates shows there have been some various bug fixes as well as compatibility updates to bring Flashlight up to work with the newer versions of WooCommerce. The most recent update however (2.4.1) is for WordPress 3.6+ installations so you would need to look at updating WordPress as well .


Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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