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    I have the autorotation on with some five images on the background (for the front/welcome page) and I’d like to use the same images for all my pages. But I’d like to do it so that whenever I click on a link to a page (for example blog), the picture rotation doesn’t start again from the beginning but continues smoothly from the last page. So in other words I’d like the autorotation to be “independent” so that clicking on different pages doesn’t affect it, and it just rotates smoothly continuously. How can I do this?



    This is not possible at the moment because the slider doesn’t save the slide data into a cookie. I’ll mark this thread for Kriesi though (feature request).

    Best regards,



    Ah okay, thanks for letting me know. Tried to find it like crazy :-) Would be a cool addition though!


    In fact I another problem I’m having now with the background. I have one image set as the default background image gallery and I’m trying to set a different one for each of my pages. When I create a new page and add an image to its gallery, select “As background slider only”, it doesn’t show the image on the background, just the default one. I have some imported pages where I’ve added the image and it works on those, it shows the set image instead of the default one. But when I create a fully new page and select the exact same settings as the imported pages have but with a different image, I still see the default background. Any ideas what’s wrong or what I’m doing wrong?


    Hi tonearts,

    There was a bug similar to that with version 2.0 I think of Flashlight. Re-download the theme files from Themeforest from you Downloads and then overwrite the theme files with the newly downloaded version.

    Specifically those files in the includes folder but just make sure the files get updated to the newest versions.



Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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