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    I’ve tried setting a background image on our Propulsion site, but as soon a I go secure it’s the one bit of content that it doesn’t pull securely. How do I force the theme to grab the background image via HTTPS?




    You need to adjust the background image path/url. Go to the option panel and click into the input field which shows the background image url. Replace http:// with https:// and everything should be secure.




    Thanks for the reply! Maybe I’m unclear about the options panel you are referring to… From the Theme Styling page, I just pull down the list and choose a background. It doesn’t give me any options for that image. Here’s a quick screen shot…


    Do I have to upload the same image again to get access to the panel you refer to?


    Tried uploading a renamed version of the same file. It would allow me to select it as the background, but would not let me modify the URL to indicate https.

    What next? Thanks.

    Screenshot of image settings page…





    Does anyone have any other ideas for specifying a background image and getting it securely through HTTPS?



    Try following – go to Settings > General and replace the “WordPress Address (URL)”/”Site URL” with your https:// address – eg replace http://www.botpix.com/ with: https://www.botpix.com

    Best regards,



    That seemed to do the trick… Now what exactly is it doing? Does it force the site to always load https? I don’t think I want that, do I?

    Thanks for all your assistance. -Drew




    Hi Drew,

    Yes, by changing the Site URL you’ll be redirecting them to the https:// from the beginning. As far as whether that’s what you want to do really that’s up to you.

    The only other work around I know of is to bypass the background setting under theme options and change the CSS file directly to pull the background image from the https://.




    What are the disadvantages to directing the entire site to https? is it slower?





    Could you tell me the the custom css to update that background permenantly. Thanks, Drew


    Hi BOTPIX,

    As for the speed, that’s entirely up to your server. You can add the background in by putting the following in your custom.css file or Quick CSS at the bottom of the Styling tab:

    html.html_boxed, body {
    background-image: url(https://www.botpix.com/img/BG_selection.jpg);

    Change the image path if its different than what you had as a sample above.




    Thanks Devin… We have quite a bit of content that doesn’t need to be secure. The css worked perfectly, and I’m glad to have you guys around to query. -Drew



    Glad that we could help you :)



Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 15 total)

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