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    I have a page called Dispatches set as my blog page for posts to show up on.

    On this page I have enabled the right sidebar and the unique background image via the gallery slider options.

    For some reason the unique background image does not load but instead the one I have set in Theme options as the default does.

    Also the Right Sidebar does not display.

    Any Ideas how to fix this?




    I tried everything on my end and it seems to be working fine. Can you post a link to your website?




    Hi Thanks

    When I log out of the backend and view the site then the right sidebar appears on the dispatches page. It does not when I am logged in?

    But the background image is still loading from the default image set in themes and not the one i specified on the page itself?

    these are the settings i have for that page:

    Gallery Options below in the

    Image Gallery section i have set my background image.

    Then I have
Gallery Layout: Flexible Grid Gallery
Enforce Default Background: Use this gallery as a background
Background Gallery controlls: Hide controls
Gallery Autorotation: no autorotation
Background Gallery Transition: Fade
Gallery Tooltips/Metadata: Sho no tooltips
Do you want to display: Display no pattern overlay
Image Cropping/resizing: Images should be scaled to fit
Instant Background Gallery: Display sidebar and content on page load

    Under Layout Options for the page I have
Choose a Page Layout: Default Layout (content+small title)
Do you want to display a sidebar? : yes display right side bar.

    I have DISPATCHES set as the blog bage in the Theme Option section and in the Reading Settings



    Note: on an actual post the right sidebar shows – just not on the Dispatches page which is set for posts to appear.

    But like I said it does now show when I log out – though that seems a bit strange?



    So the problem is that the sidebar doesn’t show when you are logged in? Try to disable that plugin temporarily that controls the sign up tab on the right side.

    Is there another page on the site that is using the same image as you have on your blog page?




    Im actually having the same issue, however ive not activated the right side though, mine is just the background issue

    Ive just wrote an article and assigned it a new background of its own, however it wont show it and reverts to the default one set in the theme options page.

    Article is here >> (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -for-photography/

    2 background images assigned >>

    im still using v1.7 of the theme as ive only just noticed there is an update, If I get time tomorrow I will update the theme, but I dont think this is the issue as its working on other pages just fine.

    Background changes fine using the same method as above

    Its also extremely bizarre how this blog post changes the background just fine (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -problem/

    I dont get it ;-)

    I will do some more playing to see why its not changing the BG image


    Hi xGSTQ,

    Have you tried changing the Gallery Layout to another option and seeing if the images show up that way? Perhaps switching it around a bit and saving each time will refresh the option and get it working properly.




    What ever option I select from the drop down nothing shows

    so for example I select “Image list attached to the entry” update the page and its not attaching the images :-(

    I selected them all 1 by 1 and its the same, so thats the problem

    I then tried deleting the 2 images, and uploaded a new image, same thing happened :-/


    Any ideas how to resolve this ?

    im a first time user of WordPress, but im guessing its a process of fault finding by a process of elimination


    Ill presume the lack of reply as you don’t know why its doing it ;-)


    Hi xGSTQ,

    Sorry for the delay! Each time you post it pushes the topic to the back of our Queue system since it goes oldest posted to newest.

    Were you able to update your theme?

    When you do, could also try disabling all active plugins besides woo commerce. Specifically W3 total cache just in case there is a conflict and how the images are getting added in.

    Then go through the same steps you’ve gone through already and additionally try creating a new post and adding images to it like normal.



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