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    after i updated Flagship to the new Version the Background Images of the Pages do not Show.

    what can i do? i need an answer for amateurs! :-)


    Hi ck-ra!

    Please make sure that wp-content>uploads folder has correct permissions ( 755 ). I noticed that you have a custom CSS –
    You should adjust the domain name to match your domain, if you have uploaded the image in Media > Libraries :)



    hey yigit,

    thanks for reply!

    ich have checked the folder permissions. all are set to 755!

    the custom css was just a failed try to fix the problem. i found this way in another thread.
    if i use the custom css that links to one background picture flagship can´t show the background pictures of the single sites!?



    Can you try removing and re-uploading the image “wp-content/uploads/2013/02/Ueber-uns.png” in Media > Uploads then set it as a background once again? Image cannot be found currently.




    ich deleted the general background image and uploaded it again and set in in “styling” “header” new. that works.
    but now this image is on every page. the single header background pictures of the pages do not work.
    i testet to upload the single pictures new on the site “impressum”. that didn’t work…..

    i really just updated flagship….


    still the same problem!!!!



    Thank you for the update.

    Please post the login details here and set it as a private reply. We would like to inspect it on our end.


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    Thank you for the info.

    It is actually working. I changed the background Attachment option to Fixed just to test it on Flagship > Styling > Header tab > Background Image. Note that the Frontpage will use the background that you set on the Styling options.

    Best regards,


    hey ismael,

    it actually doesn’t work. ist shows the same image on every page. the background images, that are set on the single pages don’t show! they should overwrite die background images set in the styling options. if i delete the background image in the styling options the pictures also doesn’t show!

    it worked well til the update…. no other changes!

    what can i do!?



    Try deactivating all active plugins and then giving things another try. There are quite a few visual errors with the default WordPress interface and some odd behavior that isn’t happening with my dev install of the theme.




    To fix the issue open up flagship/functions.php and replace:

    add_action('init', 'avia_custom_styles', 20);


    add_action('wp_head', 'avia_custom_styles', 1);



    … perfect!
    thanks again.


    YES! That´s ist!!!

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