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    I’m trying to put a header background. However, I dont want it to change the categories menu, since it causes disruption to the format. How do I keep the menu categories how it is and add a header background around it?


    Basically, I’d like to have a background on the sides of the site, the header, and the bottom. Much similar to the Avisio theme.


    Also, how do I limit the number of posts visible on the home page? I know how to limit the bigger size, but I want to know how to limit the ones under it, or how to not have any at all.



    1) It isn’t (easily) possible to change the background the way you want. The category and page menu use the same bg image (bg.png located under images/skin1). You must restyle the head section (body bg, the div “headwrap”, etc.) via css, bg image and/or php/html changes to achieve what you want.

    2) You can limit the number of posts under Settings > Reading – there you’ll find an option called “Blog pages show at most” – adjust the value to your needs.


    1. I’m not sure if you guys offer this, but could I ask you to change it for me at an extra cost? I’d like one of the floral designs like on Avisio to be implemented.

    2. Got it! That was easy. o_o Thanks! :D



    I saw that you bought avisio now. I think it will fit your needs.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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