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    can you tell me how could i align my background gallery for a certain post to the right?

    For a several portfolio items i’ve chosen a diferent set od pictures to display as background and those pictures i want to display without cropping, but also i would like them to be alignes to the right and not in the centre..

    can you please tell me where are the styles for galeries defined?

    Thx a lot


    anybody? somebody? nobody? :)



    you can do this for specific pages, however I’d need the ID’s of those pages. Can you link me to your site? This way we can give specific instructions.

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    i’m back again, but the problem still remains..although the website i’m working on is still not public so could you give me just few instructions on what should i look for to change for now?thx


    when you open a portfolio page you will notice that the body has a unique class aplied to it, one that includes the id of the current page. for ecample:

    class="page page-id-10 page-template-default logged-in admin-bar Chrome Chrome17 theme-flashlight"

    so any changes you would make to elements that have the class “.page-id-10” prepended would only affect elements on this particular page

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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