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    I’m not sure how to identify a specific page element id so I can target it for custom css like adding a different background color for that specific area only

    Re: Although I’m using the ‘FullWidth’ page for this, I assume the answer would apply to any page or post; I am adding columns with shortcodes and want to change the background of the columns individually

    I identified where in the CCS to change the background for the entire element globally:

    /*column widths for fullwidth pages and reduced width pages*/

    #top .wrapper .center .last{



    /*Reduced width: eg pages with sidebars*/

    .one_fourth, .box_small{overflow:hidden; float:left; position: relative; font-size:12px; line-height:1.7em; margin-right:23px; width:137px;}

    .one_third{overflow:hidden; float:left; position: relative; margin-right:23px; width:191px; }

    .one_half{overflow:hidden; float:left; position: relative; margin-right:23px; width:298px; }

    .three_fourth{overflow:hidden; float:left; position: relative; font-size:12px; margin-right:23px; width:460px; }

    .two_third{overflow:hidden; float:left; position: relative; margin-right:23px; width:406px; }


    .fullwidth .one_fourth, .fullwidth .box_small{width:210px;}

    .fullwidth .one_third{width:288px;}

    .fullwidth .one_half{width: 443px;background: #fffccc} <<<<<<<<<<<<< added background color here <<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    However, I wanted to highlight each of the column content areas differently so they stand out from one another better by either adding a slight background color or including a background image, and this would NOT be a global change, but per individual page element and text will lay over top

    In other words, how do I target the individual column on a particular page and that one alone for an alternative background color

    Thank you



    the shortcode doesn’t support individual element ids at the moment. We would need to rewrite it (some more parameters) to include column specific ids. I’ll suggest this to Kriesi but at the moment it’s not possible.


    ok thank you

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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