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    Hello, I changed the background color of a website based on Brightbox by adding body {background: #f3f3f3;} to the QUICK css field. The general setting is Light (light-skin.css)

    However, the Custom Menu widget that I added to the right column still shows a white background.

    You can see it here:, on the right, where it says: Our Locations

    When inspecting the site with Firebug, it seems to depend on the Mega Menu.

    Can you help me fix this please?





    you can change the background color by adding this to your quick css:

    #menu-locations .menu-item{
    background:#ff0099 !important;

    OR you can change the background image located at


    Note that this last option will change the image for all menus using arrows.


    Thanks Chris, unfortunately it didn’t work.

    Let me explain further:

    I changed the site overall background color by inserting this code in the quick css: body {background: #f3f3f3;}

    It worked, with the following exceptions:

    Custom Menu widget, on the right hand side of interior pages. The widgets displays a menu (locations) made under Menus just for this widget. The background color there remains white, it doesn’t take the site background color.

    UPDATE: I guess I just solved this modifying this id on the quick css: #nav_menu-2 a {background: #f3f3f3;}

    Please confirm it’s correct.

    Just to clarify, here’s a snapshot of the right column:


    Secondly, the slider controls remain with white background, please see this snapshot:

    Can you help me making this area #f3f3f3 instead of the default #ffffff ?

    I know it’s something around this classes: .slidecontrolls or maybe .autoslidecontrolls, just can’t make it work

    Thanks again for your help.




    sorry for the delayed response. I believe this is an image found in /images/skin1/dot.png. You can download it and modify its colors and then overwrite the file on your ftp with your edited version.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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