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    I would like to use the Horizontal Rule with Top Link on most pages without having to create a new template each time. Is this possible?

    Secondly the new templates I have created are repeating the page title. First I have the page title above the breadcrumbs, then again below in smaller type. All the default options that came with the theme don’t have this issue. How to I fix this?

    Once again thanks in advance.


    Found the Horizontal Rule in the shortcodes option. But still can’t solve how to stop page title being repeated. This also happens when creating a new product.

    How do I change this from happening?




    if you add a “Post/Page” element to the template you can configure two options. First the id (not necessary in your case) and an option called “Display Title?” – select no here and the second title should disappear.


    Thanks for that. Is it also possible to do this on the individual product pages. Since this template is part of the theme I can’t use the same method of removing the title being repeated. Is there another way, perhaps with CSS?

    Thanks again.



    if you could link us to your page we can give specific instructions.


    Hi, am trying to use a coupon on my site. set everything up but when i try to apply the Coupon when checking out. i get Invalid coupon.

    please help. am not sure what am doing wrong.




    the coupons seem to work on my test sever. Maybe you excluded certain products ids?


    Thanks for your time. Sorted


    Glad you’ve solved the issue :)

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)

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