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    Sergei Rodionov

    Hello, we’re using enfold theme on axibase for about a year. I need to obtain purchase code in order to submit a support issue. Please follow up. Our purchase was made by (Email address hidden if logged out)


    Hi Sergei!

    Thank you for contacting us!

    The easiest way would be getting login credentials from the person who made the purchase if they have signed up to our forum. If they have not, you can simply ask for the purchase code and you can register using that code.

    We can also ask Kriesi to change email on their forum account to yours. But first two options might be faster since Kriesi is currently very busy working theme updates :)



    Sergei Rodionov

    The problem is that this person is no longer with our company.
    I have no record of the purchase code at my disposal.
    Actually, I think our issues with slow WP admin might related to enfold theme update: enfold index line 9 timeoute.


    Sergei Rodionov

    I was just able to reset the former employees account’s password but I would prefer to disactivate and create a new one, in my name. The username that I reset is heinrichvk.



    We will check if they have created a forum account and if they have, we will switch email to yours. We will check and update you on this thread.
    Edit: Please post preferred username and email in private content field so we can make the changes


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