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    I’ve search the forum so please excuse me if this topic has been covered. I wanted to know if anyone has been able (or even wanted) to convert the Avisio Portfolio page from Full-width to something like the standard pages – Two-thirds of content (portfolio thumbs) and a sidebar. I’ve been able to make small variations (i.e. font changes, removing links, adding additional items to ‘sort by’), but so far I haven’t been able to produce a sortable page with a sidebar.

    I’ve figured out how to place and style the sidebar, that’s not so much the issue. Getting the thumbnails to the correct smaller size, in four columns in ~two-thirds of the main div has proved difficult. Haven’t been able to track down all the places the need changes to have the page look right in this format.

    Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.



    I don’t think this question has been covered but thanks for checking!

    There are a few steps to complete to adjust the Portfolio Page layout. If you’ve already added the sidebar, that’s one step done :)

    How have you added the sidebar and corrected the page width? This will affect other necessary steps aside from the image sizes.

    The image sizes for the portfolio are defined in functions.php (M / M2 / M3) so these will need adjusting along with the background shadow image (just resize the existing images in Photoshop or similar program / or create your own).

    Can you point me to the URL as well?





    Got this one figured out (with your comment about the function file above). I ended up doing a blend of the page.php and template_portfolio.php. Gives spaces for some intro copy, and portfolio items, with sidebar.

    Thanks for getting back to me so promptly. With popularity of these themes, I was sure it would have taken much longer. Your (and the rest of the team’s) efforts are appreciated. For future reference though, what is the best way to share code/images to help with my issues. I am on an in-house development server, so links wouldn’t do much good.



    Found some fault in my previously mentioned setup and hoping you can help me with it. Now that I’ve combined those two templates I’m getting an unintended affect. After I click on a thumbnail in the gallery it takes me to the appropriate page. Once on that page, clicking the parent link of that specific portfolio item page in the breadcrumb navigation takes me to a page that displays all the contents of the pages in that portfolio gallery (i.e., the featured image headings and text from each item).

    As I mentioned above I am working on a development server and am unfamiliar with the methods used to share code and whatnot. Let me know the best way to this if needed. Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.



    The easiest way to share the code is using :)

    Can you post the code for the pages you’ve modified and provide a screenshot of the problem?





    Thanks for getting back to me once again. The pretty choppy since I was experimenting, but here is the code for the ‘new’ portfolio page – – the images are below:

    Here is the page when you first arrive via the main menu navigation. Displays as intended, things seem okay.

    This is a portfolio item accessed from the previous page (the parent portfolio page). The issue occurs when you click on the parent page through the breadcrumb navigation (circled in red), illustrated in the third image.

    Here find the end result and what I would like for you to take a look at. The parent page now displays as a ‘blog-styled’ page. Displaying all the detail for every item that once appeared on that parent page a a thumbnail (illustrated in the first image above).

    Hope I did this right, let me know if you require anything more and thanks again.



    What’s the site URL?

    Bear in mind that standard (full width) portfolio pages display in a similar way to your third image link. The breadcrumb problems may be down to the parent portfolio / parent pages – can you point me to a specific page and tell me what the structure of the breadcrumbs should be?





    Forgive me for trying your patience, I just really don’t understand what you are asking on this one. I’ll take a guess and hope the following answers your question(s) – happy to provide clarification or an alternative response:

    (1) The site url is as follows – http://localhost/testRLF/

    (2) The url of the primary portfolio page referenced in the image resides at http://localhost/testRLF/work/sectors/healthcare/

    (3) The url of the portfolio item detail (page after your click a portfolio item) is http://localhost/testRLF/category/portfolio/womens-services-expansion/

    (4) The url in the breadcrumb navigation for the primary portfolio page (noted in item 1) is now http://localhost/testRLF/portfolio_entries/healthcare-architect-engineer-interiors/

    The bread displays correctly, just links improperly. I do understand what you are saying about the standard portfolio though. Just no sure how I would define the initial 4-col layout in the first image to remain as the “standard.”



    It’s also worth noting, the the standard portfolio seems to appear at the very bottom.

    Inside the red box, you see the end of the stream from the third example image from yesterday’s post.

    The green shows the elements from the first image that is the desired end result.


    It’s difficult to see what’s going on without a live URL to play around with. Is this available on a live server anywhere, or could it be duplicated so I can help you?

    Can you run me through an example of the URL’s you’re seeing for this, along with the breadcumb link text:

    Once on that page, clicking the parent link of that specific portfolio item page in the breadcrumb navigation takes me to a page that displays all the contents of the pages in that portfolio gallery (i.e., the featured image headings and text from each item).



    I’m interested in doing this as well – wondering how you got this to work? I have yet to modify anything, so I would be starting out with a clean install.

    My desired result (which I believe is the same as rlfinc):

    I would like the landing page of the portfolio items (perhaps utilizing either the 3 column or 4 column image sizes) – to have a sidebar menu and an area at the top of that page for introductory text. (like this image

    The only difference is that I don’t care either way if I have the sortable area at the top. :)

    Thanks so much!


    @james @sdchristina – Have been away from development for some time and have only just returned to the project and the forum.

    @james You can consider this topic closed. I accomplished what I set out to do with this question. The secondary issue that arose is something else altogether. Though the Avisio theme is one of the nicest WordPress skins I’ve seen to date, ultimately, there is a flaw in the fundamental structure that you really don’t catch when viewing the demo. It’s unfortunate, because you don’t know it’s an issue until you attempt to modify it or are REALLY into the details of things like this. The breadcrumb navigation provided is locked into the various areas of the template as constructed (i.e. portfolio items, pages, slideshow, etc.) so backtracking to the page you just left isn’t possible as one would logically imagine since the previous pages breadcrumb is now populated with tags and/or page titles instead of the site structure as developed. This also makes for some difficult logic when trying to append the code. I don’t fault the development team, but it is somewhat deceptive – however unintentional.

    @sdchristina I’ll do some digging if you are still interested, so let me know. I’ve made so many modifications to the source code at this point I’m not sure I could tell you what I did.

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