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    As I am working on switching from Avisio to Brightbox, the biggest challenge is the featured images already selected for all my posts. Brightbox does not recognize the Featured Images selected for each post created while my website was (still is) using the Avisio theme.

    As I don’t relish the idea of going back over a couple hundred posts and finding the images in the media library to fix this. It there a way it can be fixed through the themes or soem form of script?




    Hey Jay!

    Unfortunatley this is currently not possible, due to the different frameworks the themes are built on, and the different methods of storeing post data. I have put a conversion script on my todo list but I dont know If this is something that will work out without heavy code modifications.


    Sounds like I have an all nighter with a six pack of Jolt Cola and a box of Ho Hos coming up.


    Hey Kriesi,

    When you hijack the wordpress media uploader in order to add multiple featured images, all the existing photos (normally separated by post) are now lumped together as if all your images are one gallery.

    In other words: Instead of opening the media for a specific post an only finding the images that were uploaded for that post you end up with every image ever uploaded. To get back to the images from a post long ago in order re add them in the new system, you have to click through countless pages of images to find them. Instead of just opening a post and adding the existing images as featured images (still sucks, but at least doable).

    Is there something that can be adjusted in the class-media that can resolve this? Perhaps give a little more of the original functionality back to the WordPress Media Uploader.


    I’ll ask Kriesi – normally only attached images should show in the gallery tab.


    Thanks Dude, unfortunately all of the images in my media library are showing with every post. It is making a conversion a much bigger ordeal.


    What should work is to upload the files with the default upload media button that is bellow the title and above the textarea for content. This shouldn’t be affected by the hijacking of the media uploader.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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