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    Hi –

    I’ve searched but can’t find the answer to this anywhere –

    I’m trying to change the interval at which the title, text, link appear on the image in the slider. Currently the individual slider image loads and the light opacity overlay with text, link, etc. appears very quickly (almost immediately) — I’d like to control this interval — can’t find a setting anywhere in the custom JS to control this and wondering if someone has a workaround, addition, or can direct me to the line



    Unfortunately this isn’t a feature built into the theme however this feature request has been noted and may be added to a future update to this theme.



    Hey James –

    Thanks — is there a chunk of code anywhere in the custom JS that has anything to deal with this function that I could modify — I’m an intermediate JS coder and might be able to do some mods. Any help would be appreciated.


    All variables, delay parameters, etc can be found after following code in custom.js:

    $.fn.aviaSlider= function(variables)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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