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    Yesterday I updated to Internet Explorer 9 on one of my computers and suddenly the frontpage slider doesn’t work properly on my Avisio site ( When I watch my website in IE 8 everything works fine.

    Moreover, there are some css issues like the []dropcap2] quickcode used to render nice-looking squares but in IE9 renders round circels.

    The font rendering issue has been brought up to discussion here already and I managed to find a solution in the forum, changing to the new version of cufon.js.

    I know this is strictly an IE9-related problem, however, is there a new slider script to use, a new styesheet or some other fixes to deal with this IE9-problems?

    Thanks for any help!

    Best wishes from Sweden,



    Hello again,

    Just realized that you’ve already provided an update which, among other thing, deals with the IE9 slider problem. I’m impressed! :)

    The css rendering problems with circles instead of squares on the dropcaps, and rounded corners instead of sharp corners on the frontpage tabs, persists.

    Thanks for your professional management and continous updates of your themes!




    it’s not a bug but a feature. IE8, 7, etc didn’t support the border radius css property (while Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc. did). Now Microsoft decided to release something which isn’t crap (no I’m not an apple fan, I’m using Win7 :) ) and implemented css3 features like border radius. If you want to remove the rounded corners just search style.css for “border-radius” attributes and delete all entries.


    Aha, I see. Being a Windows user I thought the squared tabs and squared dropcaps was “the original”. Then I have to make my mind up and decide which option I choose. Thanks a lot for clarifying! The rounded corners aren’t bad after all…


    Glad that I could help you :)

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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