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    Hi There,

    I have been working with the developer of the Rotating Tweets plugin to find out why, all of a sudden, having this plugin activated is messing up formatting on the page it’s on. See problem and errors here:

    The last error shows a conflict between RT and Ultimate Google Analytics. The problem persisted when I deactivated or deleted the UGA plugin.

    When I run debug through wp_config there are a lot of error messages for a few template files. The RT developer suggested this code change:

    Incidentally, the way to get rid of all those undefined index messages is with the isset command.

    You need to change lines that trigger the problem from something like:

    $a = $b;

    to something like:




    Your thoughts/possible fixes for the formatting issue?


    Hi vlane,

    What were the errors specifically? The code without reference is a bit too far out in the dark to really get a sense of what the issue is or could be in relation to the theme.




    Hi Devin,

    I had the errors displayed on the page with “true” for debug in wp-config but had to take it off so I could use website for biz dev. You can see the result with errors here in this pdf: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) .valiantlane.com_.pdf

    Sorry for the inconvenience.



    I’ll tag the topic for Kriesi but as far as I know there are no plans to update Avisio to bring it up to 3.6 compatibility (the depricated functions errors).




    Ok. Thanks, Devin.


    Sorry about that, I know on the themeforest pages for the older themes they all still list older WordPress compatibility and with multiple WordPress versions coming out pretty rapidly in the coming months I’m not sure what Kriesi plans to do with some of the theme that will soon be needing updates to even work with the new versions.



    We will support avisio as long as possible but getting rid of the notices will probably not come. As already noted, in this case its best to disable the error loging.


Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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