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    I have a WP 3.2.1 site and use Gravity Forms 1.6.2 plugins. I make my first form, and the preview looks good:

    But when view in actual page, the second input text field (Official Website) is not float to the right side of first input text (Company Name). Image in

    You can visit the live page at: (protected page password: demo)

    I am not good at CSS styling, and I think the problem is in Avisio theme style.css but i can’t figure it out using firebug in firefox. Seems like the last column of li is not define well and can’t float to the right, or because the site theme css is do not have a usual definition for form input.

    Any help to resolve this is appreciated.



    the form displays fine for me in Opera and Firefox. Did you solve the problem?


    Hi Dude,

    I’ve just solve it from your other reply to the same problem of using Gravity Forms.

    I don’t know whic one is the fix, so I’ve just put all of them into style.css :)

    #top #gravity .ul li{
    background: transparent none;

    #top .gform_wrapper .ul li{
    background: transparent none;

    .gform_wrapper li {
    background: none transparent !important;
    border-bottom: none !important;

    .gform_body ul{

    .gform_fields li{
    background: none !important;
    border: none !important;
    padding: 0 !important;

    But I need you help to assist me on CSS for input field. Most of the input field is so standard, but some (multi lines input and drop down list) has nice one pixel border.

    Dude, can you help me to define the other input field CSS so they match the theme style?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    The link:


    I have no copy of Gravity Forms because I’m using Formidable for my projects. Therefore I can’t provide custom code (it’s hard to style everything from scratch just with Firebug) however you can try to apply the input css code (in style.css after “/*input fields*/”) to the select input field, etc. too.


    Dude, I purchased Gravity Forms but have some of the same formatting issues with Corona. Is this not an issue with Formidable? I would rather purchase it than spend time trying to hack CSS…. Thanks!



    I didn’t experience any styling problems yet. Eg I use the form here: without any major css modifications (just color adjustments).



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