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    First, why when I need help and I search for something, like change footer color, I get answers from all the other themes? I am logged in and in the section for Avisio.

    Your coding for other themes is nothing close to the Avisio theme, so the answers I keep finding are not relevant to my problem at all.

    Please can you separate the theme answers?

    I have manged to darken the font finally on the theme, but now the featured bar and footer are too dark and I need to change that to a lighter font. Which style sheet do I need to edit for that? All three again?

    Thank you.


    Hello??? I discovered I can use advanced search to stay in the theme area, but I still have not gotten any help.

    I need to change the footer text color only.

    Thank you in advance for helping me, anyone?



    Every theme is unique so answers to questions relating to text colours will be similar but in different areas of the theme. The colour’s are controlled by the separate CSS files (style1.css / style2.css or style3.css depending on which colour choice you made – if you’re not sure you can see which stylesheet is loaded by viewing the source of the page.

    Can you include a link to the page and specifically tell us which text colour needs adjusting and we’ll point you in the right direction.



    Thank you James, part of my frustration with this forum is I always use forums I know how to use forums, I am finding this forum frustrating! I only search in Avisio, yet it still brings up all the rest. I have tried to use advanced search. Then I have tried to find my questions by user name and I am not listed. Next there is no notification system if someone does finally address your question. I am not a newbie to this. I have built over 200 WordPress sites for clients. This theme is a branch out for me, since I mostly use StudioPress themes and Thesis. Those themes are not a cakewalk either, so I know the basics. I have lots of small questions that are not getting answered. Right now we will just use this client as my example- I have the theme on 2 other sites so far-

    1. How to change the footer and featured bar color. I already changed the primary text using the stylesheet 1,2,3 directions I found in here.

    Now I need to know which stylesheet and what controls the footer and featured bar . ( I am changing it to white)

    2. Is there a way to get more items on the top menu bar? I need more pages showing up. Right now I have to make everything a child page to get it to show up somewhere.

    The page menu display widget looks bad, it looks like the recent post display, which is crooked, cluttered and then has blank spaces.

    Why does it do that? ( I took it down so you cannot see it, but just look at recent posts layout, hate it.)

    I tried 10 different plugins to get a decent looking Menu layout for the sidebar and they did not work.

    I cannot use the custom menu, because that doesn’t change the space issue or anything really.

    The way the page menu is laying out in the footer is how I need it to look on the sidebar.

    Thank you.



    1.) I assume by the footer bar you mean the line which says:

    © Copyright Women's National Book Association San Francisco Chapter - Site by Askmepc-Webdesign

    to change the background you need to select another background image or colour in css/style1.css line 59:

    #wrapper_footer_bottom {
    background: url("../images/skin1/overlay.png") repeat-x scroll left top transparent;

    Currently the background is a semi transparent image based on the light green colour background for the widgets area so adjusting the colour here will also affect the bar background.

    2.) Are you using the custom menu manager (new in WP 3.0)? You’ll find it under WP Admin > Appearance > Menus.

    3.) I need to see the problem with the Page Menu Widget – can you reactivate it?

    You can subscribe to this topic using RSS (the link is directly above the reply box also here: (Purchase code hidden if logged out) - (Purchase code hidden if logged out) -and-footer-section

    I’ll talk to Kriesi about adding the option to get email updates when topics get a reply.



    James, I tried the custom menu that did not help. It still lays out crooked on the sidebar and is ugly.

    I wish I never used this theme for a client. The portfolio part does not work correctly now with 3.1 and I have spent an hour now trying to change the font to black for the sidebar and body and I have edited all 3 style sheets and use firebug and it still is not changing.

    Also when I look for help, and I click Avisio theme I get answers from all he other themes which DO NOT help with this theme.

    I am just going to tell my client this theme is not working out.

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