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    Any idea why the transitions on the aviaslider slideshows on my websites don’t work the first time you visit them – exit the site, then reload it and try again and they work just fine?!

    The transitions work fine when testing them locally in Firefox. I upload using Dreamweaver as usual but when you visit the site online and click on the links for the slideshows, the transitions don’t work properly but just jump from one image to the next with a little square popping up in the top-left of the image – no smooth groovy blocks sliding across the images. Use the browser’s back button and then go back into the site and try the slideshows again and they work perfectly!

    I’m baffled – works first time offline, but online only works from second time you load the site.

    Amongst other things, I’ve triple checked that js and css files are all uploaded properly and linked to html properly, I’ve tried clearing the browser’s cache, history etc, I’ve tried re-uploading the entire site. But I’m no expert in javascript and obviously missing something.

    You can take a look yourself at (click on the lefthand links for the slideshows (which are on spry slidingpanel widgets) or at (on which, to complicate matters, the slideshow linked by ‘examples’ (a fading_curtain aviaslider on a slidingpanel widget) does work first time but the one on the main page bottom left (fading-top-curtain aviaslider) only works second time you go into the site).

    Any help much appreciated.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)

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