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    Of all the transition types, I only want fading to occur between each of my 5 images.

    Would you tell me

    1. Which file do I need to alter?

    2. What must I alter?




    just go to Avisio Options > Slideshow Options – set the transition type to fading and set rectangle width or rectangle height to 1000px.



    are you saying there is a control panel for aviaslider?

    I have the AviaSlider Banner Rotator.

    How do I get to the control panel?

    I have been doing everything manually through FTP client.




    no sorry. You posted your request in Avisio forum so I thought you’re using Avisio. To change the transition type open up custom.js and replace following code:

    $('#frontpage-slider').aviaSlider({	blockSize: {height: 80, width:80},
    transition: 'slide',
    display: 'all',
    transitionOrder: ['diagonaltop', 'diagonalbottom','topleft', 'bottomright', 'random']



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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