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    My site uses DelicateNews theme from Elegant Themes. This theme use jquery v1.7.1 that is pulled from Google repository. I have the slider working standalone. However, when the same code is inserted into the DelicateNews theme, the slider stops functioning. The slider images load, but there is no transition nor the ALT text shows up.

    I doubt this to be a jquery conflict. Please advise.



    can you post a link to your test site/page?


    Well, I am running a local install separate from my live site. I have done further tests.

    I had earlier inserted the code to load the .js files for AviaSlider in header.php, later I moved them to script.php

    If I add the AviaSlider’s .js file code at end of script.php then the AviaSlider starts functioning but it stops other theme components (those using jquery) from working. However, if I were to move the AviaSlider .js code before the calls to .js files that my theme uses then AviaSlider stops functioning and rest of the theme components start functioning.

    So, it’s basically an issue with jquery itself. I tried digging through jquery.noConflict(); method but I am not sure how to implement it with AviaSlider.

    Please advise.


    Basically jquery.noConflict(); forces you to use “jQuery” instead of “$” – I don’t know your code but try to replace $ with jQuery – I hope that helps?

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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