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    I’ve used the Aviaslider successfully on my homepage for 3 years now but today, while attempting to load new pictures into the slider, nothing worked. It was impossible to load any new pictures or re-install old ones that were previously in the slider. I’ve tried it on different pages where the slider is activated and the problem is everywhere, not isolated to one page. I’ve checked for potential plug-in conflicts by de-activating all plug-ins and re-activating them. Nothing worked. Can someone help? It’s rather URGENT as I wish to use these features for a promotion on my webshop.
    Here’s a link to a page where the first picture doesn’t load:

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    Hey philipbrook!

    This is currently in our bug queue and we should see a fix in the next update.

    In the meantime try this out,



    Hi Elliott,

    Thanks for your quick reply. I am a bit distressed to read in the thread you linked to me that this problem seems to affect ALL media the we wish to add to the website… I’ve just tried to add a banner to a post as well as add a picture to widget and I get the same problem! Is the promised Abundance update coming soon? I have a sale to promote right now and it is very hard to do so without graphic content!

    I’ve tried to implement Ismael’s possible solution but hesitated to continue since I could not find the line of code:

    “label” => “Use as featured media”),

    but could find a close one:

    “label” => “Use as featured image”),

    I wondered if that was the right one?

    I am not a proficient coder and really don’t like to mess with that stuff. Is there any way you can help? You got all the info to get in in my previous message.

    Looking forward to your quick reply.


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    Yes, that is the correct line of code.

    “label”	=> “Use as featured image”),

    Replace it with:

    							"force_old_media" =>true,
    							"label"	=> "Use as featured media"),

    You may need to do this yourself since we don’t have access to the file directory. Anyway, before you do it, create a backup of the said file, just in case.

    Best regards,


    Thanks for the confirmation Ismael. Everything works fine now.

    Best Regards,


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